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Mantel Cap
Oak: $850
Mantel w/Legs
Oak: $1300

Our Craftsman Mantel embodies the simplistic elegance indicative of the early 19th century Arts and Crafts movement.  Traditional Craftsman form focuses on superior workmanship and joinery technique, which acts to emphasize the form and grain of the wood instead of using overt decoration and ornamentation. 

Our Craftsman Mantel is offered in hardwood oak only, and is a perfect addition to a traditional Arts and Crafts style home, or any home looking to imbue the spirit of the Arts and Crafts period.   This mantel comes standard with our upgraded dark walnut tinted finish and matte clearcoat, and can be color-matched to customer specifications.

Note: Prices for mantels are an estimate only and are based on a maximum depth of 9 ½" and a maximum length of 96" with 6" wide legs as standard. Mantels that exceed these sizes are considered oversize and a 15% price increase will be applied.